A Depiction of Digital Space

Keywords: post digital, materiality, artificiality, digitization.

Manuel Silva

In the creation of the Mac OS, developers introduced the idea of a graphic user interface that resembles the work person’s desk, and, what was once an abstract world of incomprehensible and unmeasurable digits, starts to have a form in, and of, the real world. From this point forward, in our computer driven society, there has been an ever-growing effort to humanise digital structures, as well as an assimilation of a digital aesthetic, non-existent in the physical world, and absent prior to the proliferation of the cyberspace, that has started to become apparent.

Still Life: A Depiction of Digital Space is an immersive digital environment that seeks to question the fading boundaries between the digital and the physical world. Through visual metaphors and representations of opposing concepts in which the digital world is anchored on, this project explores the spatiality of the cyberspace, its nuances and its constraints, as well as the very concept of materiality.

The space depicted in this project exists somewhere in the fabric of the digital matrix, drifting in an unidentified location, at an unclear time , and has become lost in the dubious space between the digital and the real. allowing for the artificial nature of the habitat to cease over it, resulting in a surreal experience that depicts our own interaction with the digital sphere that builds a material notion of an intangible abstract world.

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