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→ Our society is in the midst of evolving, nowadays our smartphones our millions of times more complex and powerful than the Apollo 11’s navigation system. With access to this great amount of power, what is standing up to stop us from using this power to upgrade our bodies? To surpass our ancestors? We have technology that could be used to better our bodies, to upgrade our capacities and help us evolve into a human being of the future, to help us give the next step of humanity.
→ Spike has the goal of questioning the extent of how transhuman we already are? And as such, explore the development od human-technology relationships, and how those contribute to the evolution of the humankind, not only in an intellectual and bodily level, but also in a socio-cultural level. With this ending up exposing the prominent normalization of optimization cultures, and how some transhuman aspects might become the norm to them point of its acceptance.
→ The project consists mainly of a transhuman collection. This collection serves the purpose of compiling items in a way to illustrate the various perspectives of what is transhumanism. These perspectives range from transhumanism being just a matter of quality of life improvements, to it being a necessary means to achieve a greater power.