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Exploring the topic of the decolonization of digital spaces and the concerns over online privacy and user data, this project seeks to raise awareness for changes in behaviour practices while navigating the web. Under the form of a game, this project is divided in three sections: the first part of the game, where the player is sensitized for the problems around personal information and user data storage; the second part, which works as a transiction for the third part, and where the player can find a skill-book with valid information both for the game and for his own online browsing practices; and finally the third part, which works as a metaphor for a parity between everyday life and online situations, and where the player finishes his journey.

During the second and third part of the game, several concepts are introduced in the narrative, such as eco chambers and the filter bubble. The last one is a term coined by Eli Pariser, and represents the idea of a state of intellectual isolation derived from a personalized online browsing. The intention of this project is to give several tools to the player so he can learn how to break free from this bubble.

Marta Saavedra
Project II, MA — Master in Communication Design
Faculty of Fine-Arts of Lisbon 2019/2020


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Your character was told there was a free and democratic place where he could access everything he needed. The more people would join, the more diversified and enriched it would be. In order to reach that place, you have to cross a border, and for that, several tasks will be necessary.

After crossing to the other side, you'll have to find a tool that will help you overcome adversities, and lead you to the end of the journey.