Paul Soulellis, with Search, Compile, Publish, evokes through the web-to-print logic, the creation of content through the search, compilation, and publication of appropriate content with the aid of web tools. This post-production process characterizes what can be considered post-internet art, since all content is collected, generated, recontextualized, and made available on the internet, reflecting the impact of the internet on culture. The internet is used as a creative medium.

It's Just The Internet!: Journey Through Google Earth, uses Google Earth as a creative tool to propose new methods of travel, such as virtual visits to places with specific themes, places out of the ordinary, or a script of buildings with different formats. In a world with increasing technological advances, and where the internet is perhaps the most important tool of today, travel can be done and planned in a new way, without, however, having to leave the same physical space. The project explores this way of traveling via Google Earth, proposing a set of unlikely itineraries.

Francisco André - Projeto II - Mestrado Design de Comunicação - FBAUL - 2020